The hardwood timber that we use comes from various sources. We use reclaimed timber, offcuts from larger joinery workshops, timber from local wood recycling projects and local sawmills. We use American White Oak from well managed forests in the States and we are now using more and more English Oak, sourced from a sawmill just 30 miles from our workshop. Each piece of timber from there comes with a traceability certificate so we know exactly where the tree has come from.
The plywood that we use is made from Birch trees which are fast growing and when the forests are managed correctly it is a sustainable resource.
The drilling templates that we send out with all of our wall hanging products are made from reused cardboard boxes.


The majority of packaging that we use is fully recyclable and in some cases reusable so please reuse it if you can. Any packaging that we send out that isn’t recyclable has been reused by us, we do not buy non recyclable packaging.


Waste is a by-product of working with timber but we do our best to keep it to a minimum throughout our making process. This starts during the design of new products, we look carefully at where to source, and ways to make the most of the materials. This continues throughout our making process and we are always thinking of new ways to use any offcuts.
The waste that we do produce like sawdust and chippings is given to local people to use for composting etc.