Our Story

Made By Hunter create modern products for your home that are made responsibly and sustainably.

Handmade in Herts

All of our products are individually handmade by us in our rural Hertfordshire workshop. The designs are built to last with care and precision producing very little waste. We reuse offcuts from larger projects to make smaller ones and give the smallest wood waste to local people (if you would like to read more about the materials we use and the waste we produce please click here)

My name’s James and I am the designer & maker behind Made By Hunter. Here is a little snippet of how Made By Hunter all started.  

My journey began in North East England, helping my father and grandfather fixing things around the house. This is where my fascination began for knowing how different things work and wanting to understand the world and objects around me. From here I went to Northumbria University to complete an under-grad degree in Product Design. After this I then moved to Lowestoft to attend the International Boatbuilding College. Together these experiences taught me the skills and craftsmanship I continue to use today; focusing on attention to detail, the need for precision and how hard work pays off. This is also where I was drawn to woodwork, learning different ways to join wood together as well as all kinds of skills from hand planing to steam bending. Wood provides a range of colours, grains and textures, no two that are the same, which can be shaped into anything – you are only limited by your imagination. 
From there I moved to London to pursue my design career while doing bespoke work for friends and family before getting to where I am now. In 2018 I made the life changing decision to chase my dream; I quit my London job and have never looked back.

 It has been a long process to get to where we are today and I am very proud of the journey my family and I have taken. Now the excitement is to see where it will take us…